Finding Clinical Investigators

  • Our investigator data base includes details for 87,000 active clinical investigators.
  • The data base is updated weekly with about 400 new investigators.
  • The investigators are grouped by therapeutic area and geographic location.
  • The data base includes the name of the investigator, therapeutic area, site name, address, phone number and email address.   
  • Some popular therapeutic areas;  Oncology (n=22,868), Cardiology (n=14.851), Infectious (n=5.953), Neurology (n=5,841), Endocrinology (n=4,884) and GI (n=4,821).
  • Some popular countries:  USA (=35,447), China (n=6,327), Germany (n=3,609), Korea (n=1,916), Brazil (n=1,283) and Israel (1,253) 

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  1. Identification of industry-sponsored clinical trials
  2. Review of Clinical Trial Agreements
  3. Advice on Clinical Trial Budgets
  4. Advice on Study Site Infrastructure Development

Senior Research Consultant 

Johan Karlberg, MD, Ph.D. 

Email:       [email protected]



Dr Karlberg has been awarded with a Medical Degree from the University of Goteborg, Sweden. He has obtained a PhD Degree in Anatomy and Cell Biology, and a BSc Degree in Statistics and Education also from the University of Goteborg, Sweden. Dr. Karlberg has his name on 250+ scientific publications. He has supervised over 65 postgraduate students.

Clinical Trial Experiences
Dr. Karlberg is the Founder of the Clinical Trials Centre at The University of Hong Kong. Dr. Karlberg acted as the Director / Professor of CTC between 1998 to 2011. During his Directorship CTC contracted 640 industry-sponsored trials for a value of about 500 million HK$. CTC has emerged to a leading clinical trial centre in Asia. The number of industry-sponsored clinical research projects has after 20 years of operation reached 1,200.

Dr. Karlberg has acted as the Chief Examiner for a Master of Medical Sciences Degree program in Clinical Trial Research Methodology. Over 65 students have graduated.. 

Other Skills

  • SAS Programmer 
  • Medical Statistics (BSc Degree)