Research Ethics Scenarios

Theory into Practice

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Research Ethics Scenarios

This page includes 48 YouTube videos - research ethics scenarios, which can be found in our course book entitled "Reviewing Clinical Trials: A Guide for the Ethics Committee". You can download the book here: Education

Chapter 4. Scenarios of Ethics Committee Review.

This last Chapter includes several specifically themed sets of EC scenarios that cover a wide range of topics in relation to ethics in human research, from expedited or full EC review to clinical trials registry. Please accept that these are simplified scenarios, although most reflect real cases. Also, since the information is only briefly provided, it is impossible to undertake an in-depth narrative review. Each set of scenarios addresses a specific ethics issue that should be identified and addressed. At the end of each set, comments are also provided. Most of the scenarios have been utilized in educational activities for EC members and have proven helpful in translating theory to practice, especially for novice EC members.

If this Guide is used for educational purposes of EC members or groups of clinical research professionals, the scenarios and their commentaries can be studied by participants and thereafter discussed to seek a consensus. Now and again, you will almost certainly find that your views differ both from those reflected here and from those of fellow participants. This is, in fact, what a meaningful review process should reflect: diversity in one’s thinking, searching and arguing for a general consensus.

The scenarios deal with two different types of ethical issues: Issues of Clinical Trial Ethics and Issues of EC Procedures.

On the right side, you will find all the topics addressed in the videos with the corresponding links to the YouTube videos. Most topics have more than one scenario/video.

There is a male voice reading each scenario (except for five scenarios) so please use a loudspeaker or headphones when viewing the videos.

Issues of Clinical Trial Ethics

Risk-benefit balance

Video 01Video 02Video 03

Informed consent process

Video 04Video 05Video 06

Vulnerable participants

Video 07Video 08Video 09

Privacy and confidentiality

Video 10

Data safety monitoring

Video 11

Participant recruitment procedures

Video 12Video 13Video 14

Qualification of investigators

Video 15Video 16Video 17

Conflict of interest

Video 18Video 19Video 20Video 21

Clinical trial insurance and indemnity

Video 22Video 23Video 24Video 25

Essential clinical trial documents

Video 26

Clinical trial registration

Video 27Video 28

Dissemination of trial results

Video 29

Issues of EC Procedures

Local laws and institutional guidelines

Video 30

Proportionate EC review: Expedited/full

Video 31Video 32Video 33

Continuing review

Video 34

Acceptability of trial

Video 35Video 36Video 37Video 38

Trial amendments

Video 39

Adverse event reporting

Video 40Video 41

Unanticipated problems

Video 42Video 43Video 44

Suspension or termination of a trial

Video 45


Video 46


Video 47


Video 48


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