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About CTM Weekly Site News

This modified CTM Weekly Newsletter was introduced in November 2018.

The objective is to provide an easy overview and access to new industry-sponsored clinical studies for clinic study sites.

Each newsletter is focused on one specific disease (e.g. Diabetes) and one geographic area (e.g. United States).

The CTM Site News includes new protocols, new sites, all sites ‘Note yet recruiting’, and all site ‘Note yet recruiting’ or ‘Recruiting’. Sponsor’s contact details are provided in the end of each line in the Excel file.

Samples for download


CTM Weekly Sites - USA ENDO DIABETES 2018-11-01

Breast Cancer

CTM Weekly Sites - USA ONC BREAST 2018-11-01


CTM Weekly Sites - USA RHEUM ARTHRITIS 2018-11-01

At present this newsletter is only available for USA sites.

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