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Clinical-Trial-Magnifier-Research-Ethics-Johan-KarlbergFirst issue November 1, 2012 - 52 issues annually.

Editor: Johan PE Karlberg

Published and Distributed by Clinical Trial Magnifier Limited

Description : CTM Weekly monitors all significant changes made in the US trial registry ( CTM Weekly brings new information about changes in over 60,000 industry-sponsored research studies.

Download a sample issue (25 February 2016).
CTM Weekly Sample (1004 downloads)

How is this data useful to you?

►You’ll identify new trial sponsors for collaboration, new investment opportunities, or competitive research.

►You’ll quickly identify all new studies while they are in the planning stages. You'll be the first to know when a study moves forward.

►You’ll find out the details of each new study coming online, including the size, expected duration and the age of the subjects being recruited.

►You can track studies you’re interested in as they pass through the sequence of stages, from planning and recruitment through to follow-up and completion.

►You’ll find out when studies are halted prematurely. There are many reasons for an unsuccessful end to a study, such as unexpected side effects, strategic decisions, study subject recruitment issues or lack of funding. You'll always be aware when this is happening in one of your areas of interest.

►You’ll know when sponsors are expanding their presence in any given country and when sponsors are moving into new countries, so if a company enters your market or a market you’re interested in, you’ll have complete details, including contact information if you want to know more or reach out for collaboration.

Excel File - Table of Contents

Tables in Excel file

The weekly excel file incudes 22 different tables/spread sheets:

All Studies
All Phase I trials
All devices studies
Allergy & Immunology
Endocrinology & Metabolism
Ear, Nose & Throat
Gastrointestinal & Hepatology
Neurology & Central Nervous System
Obstetrics & Gynecology

Contest of each table/spread sheet:

You will find seven study listings within each table/spread sheet:


Download a sample issue (25 February 2016).
CTM Weekly Sample (1004 downloads)


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Background, the US trial registry of the National Institutes of Health, has become the prime trial registry, and is projected to include over 70% of all industry-sponsored trials worldwide. The US trial registry offers instant updated information about ongoing and completed clinical research studies. This information is closely analyzed and is followed by the industry, academia, regulatory bodies and fund management companies. 

Each day there are new studies added, and there are also many changes made among the studies already posted. These changes are not easily detected when searching the US trial registry. For instance, it is difficult to track new sponsors, changes in the status of a certain study, new results posted, newly opened study sites or the withholding or prematurely termination of studies. The tremendous number of changes that take place during a week can bee seen in the first Table of the newsletter.

In 2012, CTM introduced a weekly newsletter – CTM Weekly – covering all essential changes the occurred during one week in the US trial registry. A sample issue, an Excel file, can be downloaded from on this web page.

Methods: The study information is downloaded weekly for all clinical studies registered on the website. The information is subsequently extracted, re-coded and analysed.

Recoding of Therapeutic Areas and Diseases: The US trial registry lists the disease/condition under study in terms of a variable called “Condition.” This variable is open for entering any information, and the information is not coded in a standardized manner. We have standardized and re-coded the “Condition” variable for all industry-sponsored clinical studies registered in the US trial registry.

Recoding of Sponsor’s Name: Many clinical research sponsors use more than one alias for the company name, when posting studies in the US trial registry. We have standardized each company name so that all studies can be identified and credited to the individual company. Most sponsors’ names are shortened or abbreviated in order to reduce the length of the name in listings.  

Recoding Updates: The US trial registry data is downloaded on a weekly basis. All new information is handled in the way described above so that the recoding is continuously updated.

Variables in Listings: The following variables are used in the trial listings in the Excel files. There are some variations between the contents of the different listings.

IDCTGOV:  US clinical trials registry ID number. Click on the column and you will be taken to

SPONSOR: The study sponsor’s name has been recoded, shortened and/or abbreviated. The sponsor’s full name as submitted to the registry can be found by clicking on the ID column.

DISEASE/CONDITION: The disease or condition has been recoded based on the first ‘condition’ term as listed for each study in the registry.

FDATE: The date – year and month – when a study was first registered.  

TYPE: The type of intervention under study, such as drug, biological, device, dietary supplement, etc.

STATUS: The current status of the study: 1. Planning, 2. Recruiting, 3. Ongoing, 4. Completed, 5. Suspended, 6. Withheld, 7. Terminated, 8. Withdrawn, and 9. Other.   

PHASE: The vast majority of interventional studies are labelled as phase 0, I, II, III or IV trials or as N/A. Some interventional studies and most observational studies are not listed under any phase category, and they have here been labelled as N/A.

MIN AGE: The minimum age of a subject to be recruited into the study. 

MAX AGE: The maximum age of a subject to be recruited into the study.  

SIZE (N): The anticipated sample size prior to the onset of the study.

SITES (N):  The current number of individual sites listed with the study.

NEW SITES (N): The number of new individual sites listed in the study during the past week.

COUNTRY: The country location of a study site.

STATE: The state of a study site: only for U.S. and Canada.

CITY: The city location of a study site. Misspellings exist and some sponsors do not provide the city name.

CONTACT NAME: Main contact person / unit for the study.

CONTACT PHONE: Main contact phone number for the study. Some phone numbers have the country code included.

CONTACT EMAIL: Main contact email for the study.

OFFICIAL NAME: Official person / unit responsible for the study.

OFFICIAL ROLE: Official role of the person / unit responsible for the study.

OFFICIAL AFFILIATION: Official affiliation of the person / unit responsible for the study.


Clinical-Trial-Magnifier-Weekly-Newsletter-Subscriber-Dr. Nicholas Gross

Nicholas Gross MD PhD FRCP(Lond) In addition to conducting clinical trials as a Professor of Medicine at University of Chicago and Stritch-Loyola School of Medicine for many years, I have been interested to understand the process of development of pharmaceutical drugs. As a former member of the FDA’s PADAC board as well as a consultant to several pharmaceutical companies I have been impressed with the importance and need of informing my clinical colleagues about the process of drug development. Having spent 30 years studying the effects of approved drugs, I became intrigued by the process of their development. For the last 8 years I have reported on the progress of as-yet unapproved drugs and devices being developed in my field of Pulmonary Medicine, a topic on which I write regularly. I publish a bimonthly column entitled “The COPD Pipeline” in a specialty journal. The work of finding and learning about drugs in development proved to be extremely arduous and I realized I could only scratch the surface of drugs in development. Many drug studies were unknown to me before I became aware of them in publications. I became aware of Professor Johan Karlberg’s work about 2 years ago and he introduced me to the Clinical Trials Magnifier (CTM). He most generously provided me with access to a broad spectrum of all the drugs in development that were registered in the website. The CTM is amazingly accurate and complete, including details such as new trials in the entire range of clinical research, studies under planning, new studies, study status, sponsors, study reports, statistics, and other details of interest. Almost all my reports of developments in “The COPD Pipeline” now come from CTM. Without it I would have to spend a lot more time in the internet and library and still couldn’t discover what CTM provides me each week.

Adam Bernard, Founder, Humanity Health LLC SMO, New York, NY, USA. The Clinical Trial Magnifier Weekly has been an invaluable resource in terms of helping our sites understand the current, and near future, clinical research environment. Having a comprehensive weekly listing of all studies in planning and recruiting phases has helped with site planning in terms of recruitment efforts and partnerships required with additional sties/MDs in order to be attractive to these Sponsors. We have found this to be critical in terms of understanding the research landscape and to enable us to plan accordingly. The list is easily reviewed with hot links to the site to provide more details at just the click of a mouse and the information is relevant for every country in the world.

By the week, there are more and more clinical trial professionals subscribing to CTM Weekly. There are subscribers from study sites, the life sciences industry, contract research organizations, legal companies, investment companies, and the media industry. The subscribers have provided the following feedback and praise, as exemplified below:

It provides useful and well organized information regarding clinical trials.

An immense milestone in the development of clinical trials research. 

Very, very helpful. Thanks. 

Brilliant idea. 

Remarkable source - one stop shopping! 

This looks terrific, it's a great idea and helpful to consolidate this information....the format is clean and accessible. 

CTM Weekly is “gold.” 

I think it is a great resource for anyone involved with industry research. 

Good job. I like it. 

This is very helpful – my organization tries to track which diseases are being studied by region so this is very helpful and it is much appreciated as we do not have the resources to create something as powerful as this on our own. 

This is an excellent update. The addition of the excel sheet is very useful for the recipients to filter and follow-up. 

Presented in an extremely systemic manner. 

Up to date with invaluable source of intrinsic details for all stake holders. 

CTM Weekly is an innovative idea to update our information on the clinical trials and a valuable source for anyone working in this area. 

The CTM Weekly is an incredible and a very valuable tool for the clinical research industry.

Overwhelmed by the amount of work and database construction/links you have done to produce this document. 

Please accept my compliments for this stupendous work presented. 

Nice format. 

This is good systematically presented information. 

It provides useful and well organized information regarding the clinical trial studies. The links are especially useful. 

This is a great source of information and the Excel file is good for those who want to use certain data.





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