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Response rate on our email invitations - 9.3%, on average

Examples of previous Investigator Search Services

Diabetes 76 Replies

Heart Failure 92 Replies

Dementia 63 Replies

Migraine 37 Replies

Depression 54 Replies

ADHD 51 Replies

Influenza 78 Replies

HIV / AIDS 5 Replies

Bowel 41 Replies

Cirrhosis 25 Replies

Macular 34 Replies

Pain 23 Replies

Psoriasis 39 Replies

Arthritis 42 Replies

COPD 65 Replies

Incontinence 19 Replies

Eczema 29 Replies

Contraception 12 Replies

Breast Cancer 13 Replies

Lung Cancer 9 Replies

Colorectal Cancer 16 Replies

Solid Cancer 4 Replies

Leukemia 7 Replies

Prostate Cancer 13 Replies

Ovary Cancer 3 Replies

Glioma 5 Replies

For Sponsors / CROs

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    Our Investigators in USA 

    The Investigators are listed on our 'Home' page.


    Our expanded network includes Investigators with previous study experience in for instance:

    • Breast Cancer >1,200 US Investigators
    • Lung Cancer >900
    • Dementia >900
    • Depression >800
    • Migraine >800
    • Liver Cirrhosis>700