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Clinical Trial Magnifier monitors weekly changes made in the U.S. trial registry ( for planned and ongoing industry-sponsored clinical studies conducted in the U.S.

It is published weekly, 52 issues per year.

The subscription is valid for one year.

The newsletter will be emailed on Thursdays.

The Newsletter is presented as an Excel file.

The email will have a subject line: CTM Newsletter.

Pricing: The subscription price is for one site only.

Money Back Guarantee Policy: Subscribers can get the money back for the subscription purchase made within the past 30 days. Users can request a refund of their full payment by sending an email to

Terms of usage: Clinical Trial Magnifier Newsletter is published by Clinical Trial Magnifier. Copyright © Clinical Trial Magnifier. All rights reserved.

Photocopying or reproduction in any form, including electronic or facsimile transmission, scanning or electronic storage is a violation of international copyright law and is strictly prohibited without the publisher’s permission in writing.


Site means Study Site or Clinic.

More than one clinical investigator can work at one and the same site.

Payments made through Stripe.

Sometimes the subscription fee has been made, but still an error message is provided. Let us let you know if the initial payment has been successful. 

CTM Newsletter - One Site Subscription